Pareto Team: Who are they? What they do?

How do they live? Where are they from? 

We are all about Automation and Engineering. We develop algorithms like you drink water. More than that, we do everything based on the Pareto Principle (80/20). Join us and be more effective with less effort.

Advertising Innovation

Advanced Math

Pareto believes that digital performance marketing can only be achieved through advanced math, machine learning, and automation. Respect for numbers is crucial in this high-tech market.

Return Over Investment

Positive ROI

We always care about your ROI and Revenue, so our goal is to maximize your Profit! We will improve your campaigns by improving what is already working and testing different features and strategies, according to your budget. With this we can quickly leverage your results and make your investment grow in a healthy way.


Contribute to the growth of companies on a global scale


Leadership in Brazil until the end of 2017 and America until the end of 2018


Respect and Transparency: from the first contact to the after-sales


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Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Management

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